The Consultation

The consultation is first of all a conversation, an opportunity to discuss whatever is on your mind in complete confidence. The first one lasts about an hour, subsequent ones usually need less time. I will aim to understand the real nature of the problem according to homeopathic principles and/or Chinese medicine and advise accordingly.

The decision as to whether to use homeopathy, acupuncture or herbs is first of all according to the patient’s choice and then by consultation according to what I suggest.

Phone to make an appointment or discuss your needs.

Holistic medicine as disease prevention

In ancient China you paid the doctor when you were well and he treated you free if you became ill. Both homeopathy and Chinese medicine can be used to diagnose and treat imbalances before definite illness occurs. This is like the regular tuning of a piano or the servicing of a car.

Smoking cessation

I can help you stop smoking using ear electro-acupuncture -- a painless, needle-free way of stimulating points on the ear. This treatment is of proven value in treating addictions, even heroin addiction.

My qualifications

Medical practitioner retired from conventional medical practice.

Diploma from the Faculty of Homeopathy, the organisation for doctors practising homeopathy in the UK.

Member of the Association of Natural Medicine, Essex.

Member of Chinese Medical Institute Register (CMIR).


Adult new consultation: £70; allow one hour. (Only in London: £95). Smoking cessation £50.

Children new consultation: according to age, £40 - £50.(In London: £70)

Follow ups: £40. (In London: £70). If a follow up is needed for smoking cessation: £40

Payment by cash, cheques or internet banking, not credit cards.

Cost of medicine

Herbs and supplements if recommended are payable separately. The follow up fee of £40 is for the consultation only. Homeopathic medicines are very inexpensive. A reduction in fees may be agreed by negotiation.

Consulting hours


Monday to Friday, except Wednesdays: office hours and by arrangement at later times. Home visits possible in the Colchester area.

Wednesdays: alternating between Halstead and London(Nelson’s Pharmacy Clinic, Mayfair).

All appointment calls please to 01206-575581

Practice addresses


Colchester, Essex


Halstead & Earls Colne:

Marquis Estates, rear of 21 Head Street

Halstead, Essex CO9 2AU

Tel: 01787 474050


Nelsons Pharmacy Clinic

87 Duke Street

Grosvenor Square

London W1K 5BY

Tel: 020 7079 1282


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